Last week was the perfect balance of exhilarating and relaxing.


I travelled to Yorkshire in a very unreliable Jaguar to meet some distant relatives who own a farm called Ruper hill. The combination of cow pats and stinging nettles only marginally sullied my romantic view of the place. The Yorkshire countryside was as always beautiful and wet.

IMG_20130812_110035 IMG_20130812_134904 IMG_20130812_111157 IMG_20130812_110821

Upon my return to Banbury I met up with the rest of my family and set off to the New Forest. Once we arrived I set off into the forest with my American cousin. We walked 10 miles on the first day, sharing our chosen forest camp with wild horses, then 8 hours the next day.

IMG_20130815_225807 IMG_20130815_224735

I also completed a painting as a thank you to a friend who let me stay in his villa in Ibiza.


I have been to busy and lazy to post for a long time! Summer has been fairly packed so far. I finally moved into my new house in Leeds. Luckily it is very close to work and uni. Next year should be very fun.

IMG_0793 copy

I have done relatively little actual designing! Below is an illustration for my Original Copy brand.


This month has been all about travel. Below is an abandoned quarry I went swimming in.


I recently returned from a trip to Ibiza. We visited a few of the super clubs (Amnesia, DC10, Sankeys). Partying with that amount of people in one room created so much energy! That, combined with the music, was unreal.






Next week I am going to the new forest with my American cousins and then I am off to Croatia for a month!